About the Artist

Julie is an artist and intuitive and uses photography as her medium of choice for storytelling. She has a great appreciation for the outdoors and all things mystical and magical which started at an early age growing up in her homeland of England. Summer months were spent in her garden where she played for countless hours and spent time under the shade of a very beautiful old cherry blossom tree. It was here that she first connected with the nature spirits, harvesting rose petals, and making rose water, she and her brother would talk about the elementals that played in the back garden under the rhubarbs and blackberry bushes. 

Julie’s greatest love is the outdoors, being in nature in a quiet and reflective way is meditative and helps her reset. She loves to listen to the sounds of nature be it the songbirds, a babbling brook or the winds whistling through the trees.  In her adult life she took up photography as an art to capture the spirit and essence of places she traveled to. In recent years she was introduced to nature spirit photography where she immediately opened up and could see as if a veil was lifted and recalls how everything in nature was looking back at her.

At the same time everything came on-line, she learned that she could read energy as well as see it in nature. The enchantment and magic that she connected to as a child came rushing back.  She loves to be close to the earth, gardening and tending the land is how she spends her free time when she is not exploring it.

Her images can be used for energetic healing each offering a portal to connect with, to transport you to a place of beauty, peace, calm and relaxation. Prints of her artwork can be purchased, journey within her images to bathe and heal in nature.

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